My humble opinion on love

Love is the strongest force in the world. It has the power to build, destroy, conquer, and unify. However, the strongest love isn’t Romeo and Juliet, Gabriella and Troy, or even Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The truth is, the strongest love is the one we share with everybody. The love that we feel for our families […]

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STUPIDITY: a daily struggle

Stupidity Such a strong word. What does it really mean? My good friend Webster seems to think it means “the quality or state of being stupid”… Well everybody knows this definition is stupid. You can’t use the word in the definition. The definition of stupidity is in itself stupidity. My mind can’t handle this. Sometimes […]

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LOVE: love is a funny thing. You don’t get to chose who you love, it just happens and most of the time it doesn’t happen for the better. Well at least for me anyways. I always pick the absolute worst person to love and it comes so easy. I want him, but he doesn’t want […]



please follow me or I swear to the emperor I will fight you like I did the Huns. I know how to get down to business and if you read my blog you will see my reflection and that is when you will see who I am inside. #ADHDstrugs

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Alright guys. Real talk time.

Hey friends, if I may be so bold as to call you that, it’s Mulan here. If you didn’t already figure it out my name isn’t actually Mulan, but ya know…I’m Chinese and proud so…. Please please please love my blog! Share it with your friends and have their friends share it with their friends…sorry […]

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