STUPIDITY: a daily struggle


Such a strong word. What does it really mean?

My good friend Webster seems to think it means “the quality or state of being stupid”… Well everybody knows this definition is stupid. You can’t use the word in the definition. The definition of stupidity is in itself stupidity. My mind can’t handle this.

Sometimes (okay a lot of times) I am stupid. I make mistakes. I get of topic -although that one is probably on my ADHD- I let my guard down. Actually… this is what the real definition of stupidity should be….
“Naive to the state of having no protection what-so-ever”.

I seem to be this awful word too much. When stupidity surrounds me, I am pressured into being a fool with no values or morals.
Do I get taken advantage of? yes. Do I care? Probably not, but it’s not like anyone is asking.

I am stupidity. We are one in the same. The question is… How do I stop it?


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