There are some people in life that help you make the lemonade and then there are those who drink it all and don’t give you a tip.


My friends: my friends aren’t perfect, but they are there for me when I need them…sometimes. It’s just in this modern era, everything is on the computer or iPad or iPhone. This blog is technology taking hold of our lives. Communication is no longer valued. Overall, my friends know me and they are the only ones who actually put up with me in the real world.


My …: if you guys didn’t already read my post about the asshole who broke me, go read it (wanna know a secret) and then come back because here is how I feel about it. I think that it is really shallow to tell someone they can’t talk to you because your not good enough. EVERYONE is good enough. Honestly, if you think I’m ugly and your not going to want to hang with me, why start talking to me in the first place. STOP HURTING PEOPLE.


Please comment below because I love you everyone and I want to hear your negative remarks and harsh jabs at my poor little Asian heart


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